JK Road Trip

Posted by PK Krwawecz on 9/4/2019 to News
JK Road Trip

Our shop JK just completed its long road trip from NJ-MI-IL-KC-OK-TX-AL-GA-TN-NC-SC and back to NJ!

The Hamburger’s supercharger performed flawlessly throughout the trip with daily beatings on it by about 80 shops from all over the country!

Even in 107 degree heat in TX it managed to ruin a Mustang drivers day on a little jaunt in TX!

The fuel economy also is quite amazing as well.

55-65mph economy average 19.2-19.8!

65-75mph it averaged about 18.5-18.9!

And at 85 mph with AC full blast it still did 17.5mpg! Speed limit was 75… lol

The feedback on the JK kit by everyone was it was the most fun kit they ever have driven!

The shifts were perfect and there was no “lift to shift” occurring at any time.

Part throttle driving and power was amazing!

JK Road Trip 2
JK Road Trip 3
JK Road Trip 4