Street Rod 5.3L DI Engine Assembly w/Supercharger Kit
Street Rod 5.3L DI Engine Assembly w/Supercharger Kit

Street Rod 5.3L DI Engine Assembly w/Supercharger Kit

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500HP 5.3L DI Street Rod Engine Assembly w/Supercharger Kit
If you’re looking for a low cost, high value engine assembly for your Street Rod, that’s compatible with GM’s Connect and Cruise components listed at left, our Gen-V 5.3L L83 500HP supercharged engine assembly is just the ticket for your next Street Rod project. With 500HP and 500Lb-Ft of torque, adding this engine assembly to your Street Rod will surely put a smile on your face from the moment you fire up that engine.

These supercharged 5.3L DI engine assemblies provide the most advanced engine technologies, including Direct Injection, Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation), and camshaft phasing (Variable Valve Timing), and are compatible with one of GM’s available Connect and Cruise Engine and/or Transmission Control Systems, if you’re using an automatic transmission. These engines are original equipment engines from new GM trucks with less than 10 miles on them. There is No Core Charge and they are as quiet during operation as any of GM’s production supercharged vehicles. For the custom Street Rod builder looking to start with a supercharged engine on a budget, and greatly exceed the performance of the stock LT1 engine, this engine/supercharger kit is just for you!

• Provides impressive performance increase
• Produces 500 hp and 500 lb.-ft. of torque
• Quiet operation under boost and during normal driving.
• Includes high-efficiency air-to-air intercooler.
• Includes GM Shorty Tri-Y Exhaust Manifolds
• Includes closed loop supercharger traction drive oiling system with SEPARATE cooler from engine oiling system, allowing the supercharger to remain cool and engine oil to remain unaffected, with 24,000 mile or 2 year traction oil change intervals.
• Requires NO wiring or additional coolant pumps.
• Standard 1 year/12,000 mile limited parts warranty*.
Note-Charge air plumbing will be required and is not supplied. A base calibration is provided but custom tuning will be required.

Hamburger’s Garage now offers these low cost, high - value Supercharged Engine Assemblies that feature a new Hamburger’s Supercharger kit, along with a Gen-V L83 Direct Injection 5.3L engine assembly, which is original equipment in the 2014 - ‘18 Silverado/Sierra, and 2015 - ‘19 Tahoe/Suburban and Yukon. These engine assemblies provide a combination of advanced technologies including Direct Injection, Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation), and Camshaft Phasing (Variable Valve Timing). They will accommodate an engine-driven high-pressure fuel pump for the direct-injection fuel system, which is not supplied.

Each supercharged engine assembly includes the following components: Engine Block, Pistons, Crankshaft, Connecting Rods, Cylinder Heads with Valves, Springs, Retainers and Keepers, Camshaft, Front Cover, Valve Covers, Crankshaft Balancer, Spark Plugs, Flywheel, Oil pan, Oil Pump and Pickup, all assembled. Also included are Intake Manifold, Fuel injectors, Throttle Body, and a Supercharger Kit, which are not installed.
Note - The alternator and alternator mounting bracket shown in the two photos on this page are not included with the engine assembly.