2016-19 Stage II Supercharger Tuner Kit LT-1 Camaro (Patent Pending. Not For Sale or Use in CA.)

2016-19 Stage II Supercharger Tuner Kit LT-1 Camaro (Patent Pending. Not For Sale or Use in CA.)

Your Price: $9,775.00
Part Number:PART #90430T-SII
This supercharger kit provides 700hp* and 650 lb.-ft. of torque on the stock** 6.2L V8.  It is as quiet during normal operation as any of GM's high-performance supercharged cars.

*700hp is produced on a manual transmission equipped car with Crush Delete Pipes installed, part #310018. Automatic equipped cars produce 680hp and 640+ lb.ft. of torque w/o Crush Delete Pipes.
** The engine is stock with the exception of the drop-in forged lower compression pistons supplied with this kit.  Note - Calibration supplied with this package is for an otherwise unaltered vehicle.  Any other upgrades(intake, headers, camshaft, etc...) require a custom tune.

Includes Drop-In Forged Pistons and Rings using Stock Wrist Pins, with Same Diameter and Weight as Stock Pistons so Balancing is Not Required.  New Gaskets and Bolts to Assemble Engine are supplied.

*Note* Both Low And High Pressure Fuel System Upgrades are required.  Recommended items are Part #50321 Lt-4 High-Pressure Fuel Pump Kit, #50030 LT-4 High Flow Injectors, and Part #310018 Crush Delete Pipes.  If the vehicle is not a 1LE, Part #220530101 Boost-A-Pump Kit is also required.

No Calibration or Spark Plugs Included (Not Available For Sale Or Use In CA.)

• Provides impressive performance increases.
• Stage II Kit produces 700 hp and 650 lb.-ft. of torque at 10 lbs of boost on the 6.2L V8 engine.
• Easy installation. Retains the stock intake manifold thereby maintaining great low-end torque.
• Stage II kit utilizes a new dedicated 8-rib belt drive for 33% more belt surface area.
• Kit includes all necessary installation hardware.
• Quiet operation under boost and during normal driving.
• Includes high-efficiency air-to-air intercooler.
• Lower intake air temperature provides increased overall HP and torque.
• Includes closed loop supercharger traction drive oiling system with SEPARATE cooler from engine oiling system, allowing the supercharger to remain cool and engine oil to remain unaffected, with 24,000 mile or 2 year oil change intervals.
• Includes replacement drop-in,lower-compression forged pistons that requires no balancing as they match the factory piston weight
• Requires NO wiring or additional coolant pumps.
• Includes 3 year/36,000 mile limited parts warranty
• Does NOT Include Powertrain Warranty

Recommended Maintenance and Replacement Parts