2016-19 Stage II 730HP Supercharger Tuner Kit LT-1 Camaro (Patent Pending. Not For Sale or Use in CA.)

2016-19 Stage II 730HP Supercharger Tuner Kit LT-1 Camaro (Patent Pending. Not For Sale or Use in CA.)

Your Price: $5,895.00
Part Number:PART #90430T-SII
This supercharger kit provides 730+ HP and 700+ lb.-ft. of torque on the 6.2L V8.  It is as quiet during normal operation as any of GM's high-performance supercharged cars.

*730HP is produced on a manual transmission vehicle with Crush Delete Pipes installed, part #310018. Automatic equipped cars produce 715HP.
** 2019 E.O. Pending

No Calibration Included (Not Available For Sale Or Use In CA.)

Add our Stage II Supercharger kit to a stock 2016-2019 V8 Camaro engine and get 730+ HP and 700+ lb.-ft. of torque making it the highest performing Stock 6.2L Engine Camaro available. 

• Provides impressive performance increases.
• Stage II Kit produces 730+ hp and 700+ lb.-ft. of torque at 10 lbs of boost on the stock 6.2L V8 engine.
• Easy installation. Retains the stock intake manifold thereby maintaining great low-end torque.
• Stage II kit utilizes a new dedicated 8-rib belt drive for 33% more belt surface area.
• Kit includes all necessary installation hardware (Except Replacement Calibration)
• Installs in less than one day.
• Quiet operation under boost and during normal driving.
• Included high-efficiency air-to-air intercooler.
• Lower intake air temperature provides increased overall HP and torque.
• Includes closed loop supercharger traction drive oiling system with SEPARATE cooler from engine oiling system, allowing the supercharger to remain cool and engine oil to remain unaffected, with 24,000 mile or 2 year oil change intervals.
• Requires NO wiring or additional coolant pumps.
• Standard 3 year/36,000 mile limited parts warranty.

A supercharged engine requires an OE-quality colder heat range spark plug than a non-supercharged engine, to ensure your supercharged engine runs at optimal performance. We REQUIRE using these spark plugs for your particular supercharged application, as these are the plugs our supercharger kits were developed with.

Requires Spark Plug Part #50018

**NOTE** For customers purchasing a tuner kit, it is possible to get enough high pressure fuel out of the stock LT1 HPFP to support 730 horsepower, but it requires a custom ground camshaft that has the stroked HPFP lobe for 38% greater lobe lift. This requires the use of the fuel pump lash cap on the fuel pump lifter. We also recommend using the higher rate fuel pump spring if this modification was done to your camshaft. Custom Tuning will be required for a setup like this. Depending on other current and/or future modifications, we would recommend varying combinations on both the high pressure fuel side as well as the low pressure fuel side. Consult with one of the SVE specialists for more detailed information.

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